Submission Instructions

Here are the instructions for submitting a response to one of the SunWinks! weekly prompts:

Post your response on your blog. If it’s a WordPress blog, tag it WeSun. If you don’t have a blog, put it in a Note on Facebook or some such functionality, something you can link to.
Then comment to the post you’re responding to with the link to your response.

How? Just go, in your web browser, to the page your response post is on.  Copy the address to the clipboard (click inside the address bar, or otherwise highlight the whole address, and press Ctrl-c). Paste (Ctrl-v) the address into the comment. Make sure there is a space before and after. WordPress will automatically make it a clickable link.

I get a lot of folks asking, “Did I meet the requirements?” I’m thrilled when you read this and then write something, anything. For me, here, it’s not about “getting it right.” It’s about inspiring you to write. But…if you would like a candid (but still very kind) critique of your response relative to the topic, please include “critique welcome” in your comment-with-link or the response post itself.
Until further notice, I will no longer reblog this column at, as it is ceasing activity.  Readers will be able to find your response in the comments to the applicable column. I will do my best to comment on all responses.
Finally, if you enjoy this, please be a good citizen and share this with your own friends and poetry circles. Thanks.


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