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  • T.S. Eliot first edition
  • Daphne DuMaurier first edition
  • Alan Arkin first edition
  • Shirley Jackson first edition
  • Ani DiFranco first edition
  • 1950s Catholic Girls Manual and Sunday Missal
  • Cleveland Amory signed
  • Robert Bly signed
  • Ralph Nader signed
  • Voltaire Candide limited and numbered pre-publication printing signed by illustrator Samuel Adler and editor Carl Van Doren
  • Woody Guthrie’s Bound For Glory with illustrations by Woody Guthrie
  • How I Won The War movie tie-in edition with John Lennon cover

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SunWinks January 11, 2015: Theme: Writing and Spirituality

I need a new God. I need somebody to pray to. For a few years now, I’ve been working on emancipating myself from my poisonous Catholic upbringing (a ridiculously belated enterprise which I only undertook in my fifties) and building a new kind of personal integrity, one that allows me, among other things, to be a poet with courage.

But being a human being, I share the religious impulse, the sense of the numinous. I want to avail myself of the benefits of meditation and centering prayer. But who do I pray to?

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Please help my wife and me

Carol Holden Breast Cancer Fundraiser powered by GiveForward


Anything will help. It will all go towards medical expenses.

As a kid, I always loved the last scene of It’s a Wonderful Life when all George’s friends came to his rescue when he needed them. I always knew that when my hour of need happened, my friends would do the same. My hour of need has come in the form of breast cancer. I have insurance of course but even with that, the medical expenses are daunting. As hard as it is to ask, I am hoping you can give a dollar or two to help me pay these wonderful care-givers and medical procedures that are going to see me through this journey to the other side and back to health.

Carol Holden and Doug Westberg

We Need An Educator In Olympia Now More Than Ever

Monica Stonier

Open letter to East Vancouver, Washington:

Every election I get insulted with smear flyers from euphemistically-named committees. I am speaking out today because we need not to let this sort of yellow campaigning go unchallenged.

The Right Wing benefits from a complacent, poorly-educated electorate. I got this flyer in the mail this week. Stonier’s opponent and her party have no compunction about benefiting from garbage like this. No attempt is made to support its ridiculous accusation that “she always chooses government;” there are not even any specifics, let alone documentation.

The people who produce this may not have to justify their cynical posturing, but they do have to identify themselves and how they are funded. So, they form a PAC with the Orwellian name of “Quality Communities Committee.” Then, because they have to, they identify their top five contributors…as The Reagan Fund. That’s a giveaway, thankfully.  All the same, this dodge insulates the people who pay for this behind a couple layers of anonymity, and allows Stonier’s opponent to keep her hands clean.

Monica Stonier is a highly respected educator and community leader. To twist that into “she never held a private sector job” is just laughable. Nevertheless, I worry about how many people fail to see through this sort of smear tactic. That’s why we need an educator in Olympia, so our public schools can continue to produce engaged and well-informed citizens.

Please vote, and please do your homework. If mudslinging doesn’t work, maybe it will stop.

Doug Westberg

Update on Carol

Carol went to the cancer clinic for the first time yesterday, for orientation. They are moving very fast. Her surgical oncologist is wonderful. Her MRI is scheduled for Wednesday.

We got a reality check Monday, but Carol is remaining extremely positive. The prognosis for a full cancer-free recovery requiring only a lumpectomy as far as the breast is concerned is 100%, we have been assured. On the other hand, the reality is that the cancer is “Stage 2 or 3,” the lymph node is cancerous as well, and Carol will undergo chemo, surgery, and radiation.

Again, on the bright side, Carol has the best possible care and the best possible insurance. And the best possible husband. Just as soon as he gets over the shock. The good news on that score is whereas in the old days, he would cope by going to bed for a week, now his coping mechanism comprises buying used books and doing vigorous yard work.
Your support and love is deeply appreciated. Don’t forget about us. Every contact of any kind is a boost.